The Water and Climate Collective

The Water and Climate Collective

Who is the Water and Climate Collective for?

The Water and Climate Collective is a student-led collaboration between the Global Water Institute (GWI) and the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center (Byrd Center). It is for all The Ohio State University students interested in looking at water and climate issues from all angles. The Collective offers In-depth examinations into the scientific, policy, and socioeconomic aspects that underpin crucial issues of our time and are of urgent global concern. The range of exploratory topics will include:

  • Water scarcity, environmental and other challenges of ensuring clean drinking water,
  • melting glaciers, rising sea levels, water pollution, and ocean acidification.
  • Extreme weather events stemming from climate change, such as droughts and floods.
  • Loss of biodiversity.
  • Water management challenges, water and other resource rights issues, and cross-boundary disputes.
  • Solutions for mitigation.
  • Adaptation.

Why be a member?

The Collective is committed to providing a welcoming environment that accommodates a variety of perspectives. Membership is free and open to all students at Ohio State.

Members will have access to regularly scheduled, student-led dialogues that include faculty, experts, and community leaders. The Water and Climate Collective will organize field trips and community service opportunities, coordinate collaborations with other student organizations, identify campus-wide lecture series to participate in, and arrange networking events.

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The Water and Climate Collective provides a space for a wide range of students interested in examining water and climate issues to interact with like-minded peers from across the university and engage in educational outreach, volunteer opportunities, and networking events.

•    Volunteer opportunities in different environmental industries.
•    Fun and informative hands-on activities to learn about water and climate-related issues.
•    Participate in education outreach.
•    Networking opportunities with academia, industry,

Register to join the Water and Climate Collective. Contact Annalise Khandelwal for questions.

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