Addressing the Water Crisis

Why haven’t we solved this yet?

Millions of people still do not have access to safe drinking water1. Billions of dollars are poured into this complex issue, but often wasted as water points fail soon after construction. In Tanzania alone, approximately one third of existing water points are not operational. The many, inter-related causes of failure require an integrated solution that combines multisectoral partnerships, new technologies, creative management models, and knowledge creation to ensure sustainability2.

Keeping the water flowing

Rural communities often bear the burden of operating and financing their own water supply systems. New ideas for more fairly balancing financial risks and responsibilities are needed3. GWI and its partners are developing an in-country franchising model to more effectively address issues of transparency, accountability, and financial management.

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How Our Work is Different

GWI builds cross-sectoral partnerships to bring local specialists together by looking at the integrated picture of community health and livelihoods, not piecemeal components. We develop private sector engagement in rural water service delivery, underpin project development with ongoing research and training activities, and continually evaluate program outcomes and adapt to new leranings.

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