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2.2 billion
Total population worldwide that lack access to safe drinking water
Proportion of global freshwater withdrawals due to agriculture
1.8 billion
Number of people living under drought in 2022 and 2023

The Global Water Institute tackles critical water challenges by connecting Ohio State’s expertise in research, teaching, and outreach with exceptional partners all around the world.




Water issues are about people, and ecosystems, and financial realities. They’re about climate and energy and old habits dying hard. Since really thorny water issues don’t have a single cause, the only way to make progress is to integrate all of those other pieces—people, energy, climate, economics—into the solution.
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Magazine cover with many logos including UN Water and unesco at the top. Title is The United Nations World Water Development Report 2024 water for prosperity and peace with infographic of a dry arid land with a cityscape at a distance and greenery and buildings along the banks of a river in the foreground as two people are rolling the carpet toward the dry land/city.

The United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR) is UN-Water’s flagship report on water and sanitation issues that is launched on World Water Day each year and gives policy recommendations to decision-makers by offering best practices and in-depth analyses. The 2024 report highlights the wider significance of water for our lives and livelihoods. It explores water’s capacity to unite people and serve as a tool for peace, sustainable development, climate action and regional integration. Consistent with the Sustainable Development Goal for water and sanitation (SDG 6), it is essential for global prosperity and peace.

The Water and Climate Collective provides a space for a wide range of students interested in examining water and climate issues to interact with like-minded peers from across the university and engage in educational outreach, volunteer opportunities, and networking events.

•    Volunteer opportunities in different environmental industries.
•    Fun and informative hands-on activities to learn about water and climate-related issues.
•    Participate in education outreach.
•    Networking opportunities with academia, industry,

Register to join the Water and Climate Collective. Contact Annalise Khandelwal for questions.

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infographic or animated earth, two hands holding a half globe earth with the top half as a large drop falling into a body of water. Block O - Ohio State University Global Water Institute Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center Water and Climate Collective

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June 24 - June 27, 2024
St. Paul, MN
August 11 - August 15, 2024
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada
August 25 - August 29, 2024
Stockholm, Sweden

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