Student Advisory Board


The Student Advisory Board (SAB) provides insight and advice on student issues, goals, and programming gaps to the Global Water Institute (GWI). SAB recommendations help GWI better align its current programming with student needs and create new initiatives based on student input. The SAB is comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students across disciplines at Ohio State.

Member Expectations

SAB members will attend two meetings per semester, in which open, respectful, and productive discussions will give insight into opinions on GWI’s current and proposed student programming.

Member Benefits

• Serve as ambassadors for a subset of the university community (major, specialization, student organization, etc.)
• Help future students by creating a stronger, more perceptive institute
• Develop strategic thinking and marketable business experience
• Work with a diverse group of students spanning majors, interests, and colleges with a common goal

All Are Welcome Here

“Ohio State values diversity in people and ideas. We’re an inclusive, supportive community where you can comfortably join in or confidently stand out.”
– Ohio State University statement on Diversity

GWI strives to build a Student Advisory Board that encourages all viewpoints and welcomes students across race, religion, gender, identity, and life experience.


Undergraduate and graduate students of all ages and programs of study are encouraged to apply. We want a broad range of ideas and experiences to learn from on our Student Advisory Board.

Applications are now open for the 2020-21 school year! The deadline to apply is 9/30/2020.

Click here to apply!

Michelle Brkljacic, Student Engagement Coordinator