GWI Student Advisory Board Completes a Successful First Semester

Michelle Brkljacic General

Colin Rush, Computer Science and Engineering

GWI has established a Student Advisory Board (SAB) to provide insight and advice on student issues, goals, and programming gaps related to water. This will help GWI better align its current programming with student needs and create new initiatives based on student input. In addition to GWI’s student assistants and capstone/study abroad sponsorships, the SAB provides another way for Ohio State students to learn more about complex water issues and GWI activities. It also provides a direct avenue for students to express their ideas for ways to get involved in important water issues, both inside and outside the classroom.

The SAB currently has 9 members, both undergraduate and graduate, with plans to expand next semester. Members come from four colleges across campus, and study everything from Accounting to Veterinary Public Health. The diverse academic backgrounds of the SAB members give GWI a better picture of what the whole Ohio State student body is looking for with water-related programming, and to demonstrate the relevance of water issues in every discipline.

Lillian Ostrander, Environmental Science / Public Policy

Nathan Brown (Fisher College of Business, 4th year) said he joined the board because he “found the Global Water Institute to have a really interesting mission” and that he believed his “background in business may offer a unique perspective that could help support GWI.” GWI greatly values interdisciplinary work, so it is encouraging to have students from all different academic backgrounds on the new Student Advisory Board.

Daniel Ma, Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering

Daniel Ma, (College of Engineering, Graduate Research Associate) shared his ideas for GWI’s future, saying he hopes “students can engage in meaningful endeavors that are life-changing for both students and the communities we partner with”.

The addition to the SAB is paving the way to even more student involvement in GWI. Stay tuned for updates on student programming and opportunities for Spring 2021 and beyond!