GWI Celebrates First Water Ceremony with the Ministry of Water in Ghalunyangu, Tanzania

Michelle Brkljacic General

It was all smiles during the First Water ceremony in Ghalunyangu when the taps turned on, providing clean water to the village for the first time in years. GWI Executive Director Marty Kress was joined by the Minister of Water, local legislators, and village leaders for this celebratory day. The celebration kicked off with speeches from district commissioners and village leaders, followed by demonstrations of the new infrastructure and equipment used for construction.

Over 1,000 people from Ghalunyangu attended, excited for the opportunity to see the rigs used to drill and to hear from the Minister of Water. The ceremony was a day-long affair, full of dancing, singing, food, and community. With the pumps now active and taps flowing, GWI can collect data on flow rates, output, and operational status of the well. This data will be shared with the Tanzanian Ministry of Water and researchers at Ohio State, providing some of the first hydrologic data in the region. Data will give insight into the status of aquifer recharge rates and allow the Tanzanian government to make informed decisions about water policy. Ghalunyangu represents the first of many successes GWI hopes to see in rural villages in the future.