The Water Collective

The Water Collective is launching in Fall 2021! Check back for more updates as we get closer!

Who is the Water Collective for?

The Water Collective is for students who are interested in water – any part of water! Explore the many different ways water impacts society, from drinking water and irrigation to water rights and the economics of water systems, and everything in between. Membership is free and open to all undergraduate and graduate students at Ohio State.

Why be a member?

Members get exclusive access to monthly student-led dialogues guided by faculty experts, each month focusing on a new aspect of the water sector. Members also have access to field trips, community service opportunities, and early sign-up access for campus-wide lecture series and networking events.

Why are we creating the Water Collective?

1. To provide a space for students from across the university with similar interests to connect! No matter what you’re studying, chances are water has an impact on it. We want to give students a holistic view of the water sector, and expose them to its interdisciplinary nature.

2. The water sector lacks diversity and inclusion. BIPOC individuals make up only 5% of the energy and utility sector, compared to 15% in other sectors. Women make up only 20%, compared to 47% in other sectors1. GWI is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion through the Water Collective. Faculty experts and industry leaders of diverse backgrounds will be invited to guide student discussions and present their work in lecture series. We also want to attract a diverse group of students to bring as many different voices as possible to the conversation.