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GWI is dedicated to innovative, disruptive ways of getting things done—and our funding model is no exception. Ohio State has kicked in the funding to operate GWI, meaning that the vast majority of project funding goes right to projects. We also work as a funding consortium—forging public-private partnerships that reflect the public-private nature of all water issues (and therefore sustainable solutions).

Make your gift to GWI’s Tanzania Iniative which provides support for GWI’s initiative to provide sustainable, clean water to the people of Tanzania.

Make your gift to GWI’s OH2O Fund which provides support for the our quest for clean, sustainable water.

Make your gift to the Marty Kress GWI Student Support Fund which provides support to GWI’s student iniatives, including internships and travel.

Like sharing good ideas? From conferences to chats on the front porch, GWI is always eager to hear new ideas and get input on some of ours. Check out the events on our radar and share your favorites.

GWI works with partners around the Ohio State campus and with other universities around the world to provide meaningful, useful, and oftentimes mind-expanding opportunities for students. For example, students have developed a low-cost and low-risk drone package for smallholder farms, designed a solar cooker with lower cost and greater cooking capacity than current models on the market, and analyzed fluoride concentrations in Tanzanian groundwater. Contact us if you have a great idea for student learning!

A solutions-oriented approach is not possible if we don’t fully understand the needs or why previous efforts didn’t work out. All of GWI’s activities are informed by ongoing research around the science of complex water issues and approaches to addressing them. In Tanzania, our research includes assessment of the reasons why groundwater systems fail and high resolution analysis of groundwater fluoride concentrations. More broadly across East Africa, GWI is the Ohio State lead for the USAID-funded Governance Research on Water Systems (GROWS) project. This project involves extensive research on the accountability, transparency, trust, and equity dimensions of governance around rural water services in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. GWI’s research collaborators come from all over Ohio State and partner organizations around the world. Get in touch with Rebecca Gianotti, our Senior Research Associate, if you’d like to join us.

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