Engineers Without Borders Partners with Green Columbus to Bring More Trees to the City

Michelle Brkljacic General

In the midst of such a tumultuous time, there is hopeful work being done in the communities of Linden and Hilltop. The Ohio State chapter of Engineers Without Borders has partnered with Green Columbus to expand the capacity of their work involving tree nurseries. Green Columbus is a non-profit that works to increase sustainable living and environmental education in central Ohio by growing and planting trees in neighborhoods lacking. Together, EWB and Green Columbus aim to double their capacity for trees by next growing season.

Green Columbus owns two productive tree nurseries, one located in Linden and another in Hilltop. Currently, each nursery grows around 780 trees in a year, a total of about 1500 trees. When the trees become 5-8 feet tall, Green Columbus works with the community to give trees to people living in Columbus, free of cost. Trees bring many benefits to communities, including an increase in property value, shade, clean air, aesthetics, and educational opportunities.

Engineers Without Borders is currently working on verifying water pressure requirements for the increased watering capacity, validating the layout of increased lot area to fit new tree growth, and developing an implementation plan for each lot. The day of implementation will consist of around 10 members traveling to the lot and performing hands-on work, such as digging up new land for gravel and route piping for new water lines. The university’s COVID-19 guidelines will be followed throughout the entire day to ensure safe working conditions for all participants.

Those benefiting most from this project are urban residents of the Columbus area. The presence of more trees is an all around positive light for the communities being helped by Green Columbus. With the help of Engineers Without Borders OSU, the nurseries in Linden and Hilltop will be able to increase their growing capacity and expand their impact to even more Columbus communities.

To learn more about Ohio State’s student chapter of Engineers Without Borders, visit their website and follow them on Facebook!