Did You Know – GWI is Proud to Present an Overview of Ohio State Activities in Tanzania

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What Our Collective Community Is Doing to Make Ohio State THE LAND GRANT UNIVERSITY OF THE FUTURE

Tuesday, September 18th, 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Blackwell Inn Room 202 Pfahl Hall  

Listen as faculty, staff, and researchers from seven colleges talk about their projects and research activities in Tanzania,
and present opportunities for you to participate.

Introductory Remarks:  Berry Lyons, Chair GWI FAC, Ian Reece, Chair, GWI EAB

Speakers and Topics – 4-minute lightning talks, one slide

Scott Shearer – Global Village – Africa/Central America
Robin Chenowith/Tricia Allenby – Camp Joshua Initiative
Jane Fife/ Don Hempson – New Capstone Initiative
Michael Hagenberger – Marwa Village Project
Mary Rodriquez – Hand Held Ag Extension Network
Audrey Sawyer – Hydrology Resources
CK Shum – Remote Sensing/Water Resources
Keely Croxton – Water Services Franchising
Amanda Davey – New USAID – Coca Cola Project SVWS Program
Bec Gianotti – WaterAid Initiative – Capitalizes On GWI Pilot Project
Diane Gorgas – Neonatal Training
Infectious Disease – Marty Kress

After the speakers have presented – the floor is wide open for questions, comments, suggestions

Reception to follow in hallway

Next Step – Spring session focused on what Ohio State is doing across Africa.