$100M Sustainable Village Water Systems Proposal Clears First Hurdle

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In June, the MacArthur Foundation issued a broad challenge: come up with an innovative solution to a big problem facing humanity, and we’ll give you $100 million to make it happen. Well, we have one. The Global Water Institute coordinated a proposal for the Sustainable Village Water Systems Program that integrated 13 international partners across two continents on behalf of …

EVENT: Global Water Institute At GIS Day

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The Global Water Insitute’s Senior Research Associate Rebecca Gianotti will give a lightning talk at the campus GIS Day about using GIS to explore water resource sustainability in Tanzania. Date: Nov. 16, 2016, 10-4 p.m. Location: Research Commons (3rd floor, 18th Avenue Library) More information: https://library.osu.edu/researchcommons/event/gis-day-2016/  

Two More Ministries Join Tanzania Sustainable Systems Collaboration

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A global coalition led by Ohio State is working toward a unique goal with its Sustainable Village Water Systems Program: successfully fund and implement Sustainable Village Water Systems in 125 rural Tanzanian communities, and the government of Tanzania will fund an additional 5,000 communities using the same model. Developed in 2015 by Ohio State’s Global Water Institute and the then …

Ohio State And Tanzanian Nurses Collaborate In Care For Critical First Moments Of Life

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As part of The Ohio State University Greif Neonatal Survival Program, instructors from Ohio State traveled to Tanzania in August for a one-month course to train Tanzanian nurses and nurse midwives about caring for infants in the first few minutes of life. The course is part of an expanding set of collaborative activities between Ohio State and the University of …

EVENT: Sustainable And Resilient Tanzanian Community Study Abroad Program

Maureen Langlois Events, Wells to Wellness

Resident directors Dr. Joe Campbell and Mary McLaughlin will hold information sessions for the Sustainable and Resilient Tanzanian Community study abroad program. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to the long-term sustainable development of a rural Tanzanian community through applied service-learning focused on improving water access and quality. Dates and Locations: Monday, Oct. 3, 6:30 to 7:30 pm, Kottman Hall …

GWI Collaborator And Former Ohio Governor: Bi-Partisan Call For Global Engagement

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In an op-ed last week, former Ohio governor Bob Taft and GWI collaborator David Wilhelm (Hecate Energy) made a bi-partisan appeal. Amid an intensifying election season in the U.S. (and in Tanzania), they called on voters and politicians to remember the importance of planting seeds for the future with positive international engagement. Both Wilhelm and Taft have a history with …

2016 GAP Student Blog: Tackling Team Work In Tanzania

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As we’ve all come to know, group work inherently comes with peaks and valleys, high fives, handshakes and deep-seeded displeasure. Fisher makes a huge push for group work in the first-year curriculum. Whether it is the first-year core teams or this GAP project, group projects are part of every single class Fisher class. Fisher has adopted the “early and often” approach. …

Water-Focused Teacher Training Emphasizes Systems Approach

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Why are GWI and others concerned with providing sustainable systems solutions for communities facing water resource challenges? “It is because all your health come from clean water” said Gardner Watkins, a high school teacher in Environmental and Applied Environmental Science at Dublin High School. Watkins was speaking during  the 2016 Global Teacher Water Security Seminar that was organized by Ohio …

Engineering Capstone Team Visits Partner Village In Tanzania

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A team from The Ohio State University’s Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering traveled to Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region in May to work with a Masai community to develop rural water system solutions. The group, comprised of recent graduates as well as one senior student, was led by Dr. Michael Hagenberger, associate professor of practice in the department. The trip, which …