Brown Bag: Stuck Between Two Extremes: Trying to Find Solutions That Work in the Field and in the Lab

jagudelo Brown Bag Series, Events

Voices from the Field Brown Bag Speaker Series Finding compatible research cultures in the field may be just as difficult–but is certainly just as important–as bridging different human cultures. For a recent project on foot-and-mouth disease, Rebecca Garabed experienced the juxtaposition of the research culture of a remote field team in Cameroon with that of the high-security US reference laboratory …

Brown Bag: From Focus Groups to Field Experiments: A Decade of Data Collection in Malawi

jagudelo Brown Bag Series, Events

Voices from the Field Brown Bag Speaker Series Studying the relationship between identity and politics in Malawi forces researchers to rely on a plethora of data collection methodologies, including oral histories, elite interviews, focus group discussions, large-scale citizen surveys, survey experiments, lab-in-the-field experiments, and field experiments. Amanda Robinson will highlight the challenges and opportunities that each of these methodologies has presented …

Brown Bag: Veterinary Data Collection in Ethiopia- Maria Belu

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Kickoff speaker Maria Belu, DVM As part of the CDC Global Health Security Agenda, Ohio State led a mass rabies vaccination pilot this year in Ethiopia. It was a six-week campaign that included numerous field and classroom trainings. This work, part of a large collaborative effort to prevent and control rabies in Ethiopia, involved collection of data on dog populations …

Challenges And Opportunities Of Data In Africa: Autumn 2017 Voices from the Field Speaker Series

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GWI is once again teaming up with the Center for African Studies and the Global One Health initiative to present Voices from the Field, a brown bag speaker series featuring multidisciplinary researchers from Ohio State who work in Africa. This semester’s theme, Challenges and Opportunities of Data in Africa, explores how research, teaching and extension efforts can capture the potential …

New Student Opportunities This Autumn Semester

Chaitanya Balasubramanyam Student Activities

GWI is proud to announce an expanded portfolio of student activities this fall. These opportunities–both within academic courses and outside of class–will give students the chance to dig in to the real global issues that GWI and its partners face and the systems thinking necessary to tackle them effectively. Challenge: When To Water? Engineering Capstone: FABE 4900 Often, even when …

Guest Post: Farmer’s Day Exhibitions Invite Innovation For Food Production In Tanzania

Maureen Langlois Wells to Wellness

Happy Nane Nane Day In Tanzania, Nane Nane Day is celebrated on August 8 with a week-long fair to recognize the important contribution of farmers to the national Tanzanian economy. Nane Nane (8/8) means “eight eight” in Swahili. This year’s (2017) Nane Nane theme is “Zalisha kwa tija mazao na bidhaa za Kilimo, Mifugo na Uvuvi ili kufikia uchumi wa …

Ohio State Student Farm Test Drives Irrigation Scheme For African Smallholder Farmers

Chaitanya Balasubramanyam Student Activities

When Peter Ngimbwa, a Tanzanian student in The Ohio State University Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering, defended his Master’s thesis and returned to Tanzania, it seemed possible that a drip irrigation planning tool he had developed along with faculty member Andy Ward might be destined for oblivion, as too often happens with student projects. But a team of …

Engineering Capstone Team Designs Rainwater Catchment System

Chaitanya Balasubramanyam Student Activities

A team of engineering students from Ohio State’s Department of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering (FABE)—Nick Ciccotelli, Maddie Conover, Evan Curts, Musab Imam, and Justin Rhoades—recently collaborated with GWI to design a system for capturing and storing rainwater from the roofs of buildings in rural Tanzania.

Sustainable and Resilient Tanzania Community Completes Successful Summer Programs

Chaitanya Balasubramanyam Student Activities

The Global Water Institute would like to extend our congratulations to our partners at the Sustainable and Resilient Tanzania Community (SRTC) program on the successful completion of their May service-learning trip and the inaugural SRTC internship program. Collaborating with students and faculty at the University of Dodoma, a group of 34 Ohio State students traveled to Tanzania for May term, …