What is a Sustainable Village Water System?

Delivering sustainability, not just pumps

Sustainable Village Water Systems Program was developed based on the fact that rural water access depends on a lot more than a new pump. In order to deliver reliable, clean water, we had to get into renewable energy, sanitation, agriculture, health, women’s empowerment, and business development. So that’s what we deliver: Village Water Systems that incorporate water pumps plus the essential aspects needed to make the whole thing sustainable.

What is a Sustainable Village Water System? (One-page handout in English and Swahili)


We work with community members before, during and after project implementation to design the most appropriate Sustainable Village Water Systems to meet their needs and goals. While some elements of the systems are standardized (allowing for a supply chain of spare parts and a workforce trained to install them), our community partners are the most important authorities on what sustainability looks like to them and how Sustainable Village Water Systems can help them build a brighter future.

Learn about our village-by-village site assessment of over 40 sites in Tanzania.

Assessments include:

  • Inspection and testing of all water hardware
  • Assessment of siting relative to potential contamination
  • Verification of source water quality and yield
  • Evaluation of current governance and fee structure
  • Description of current and desired economic activity to be related to water service

Village Water System Features

Download this image as a one-page pdf.