Addressing the Water Crisis

Why haven’t we solved this yet?

Millions of dollars have been poured into the problem of water and sanitation access for the world’s rural poor. But few of the many well-intentioned projects have recognized that the issue of water access isn’t really just about water. The problem is complicated, and a sustainable solution is going to take a systems approach.

Keeping the water flowing

If a well breaks, there is often no one trained to fix it, no spare part supplier, and no financing for major repairs. That’s why GWI and partners are developing an in-country franchising model to make sustainable water access someone’s business.

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How We Do Development Differently

  • Delivering Sustainable Village Water Systems, not just wells
  • Working at scale to bring people up more quickly and sustainably
  • Using standardized systems so they’re easier to maintain
  • Linking projects with training and research
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Tanzania Pilot Program: The Sustainable Village Water Systems Program

Our integrated program aims to improve life for over 5,000,000 Tanzanians