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GWI is dedicated to innovative, disruptive ways of getting things done—and our funding model is no exception. Ohio State has kicked in the funding to operate GWI, meaning that the vast majority of project funding goes right to projects. We also work as a funding consortium—forging public-private partnerships that reflect the public-private nature of all water issues (and therefore sustainable solutions). Make your gift today.

Like sharing good ideas? From conferences to chats on the front porch, GWI is always eager to hear new ideas and get input on some of ours. Check out the events on our radar and share your favorites.

GWI works with many partners around campus and with other universities around the world to provide meaningful, useful, oftentimes mind-blowing opportunities for students. Check back soon for more information about past, present and future student opportunities.

GWI’s solutions-oriented approach doesn’t preclude research—in fact, targeted R&D is one of the ways we can make sure that we’re putting the best ideas forward and not repeating the mistakes of the past. Our faculty and staff collaborators come from all over Ohio State and from partner organizations around the world to fill in the knowledge gaps that have prevented previous solutions to tricky water issues (harmful algal blooms, rural water access for the poor) from being truly sustainable. Check back soon for more information about our research collaborators and upcoming opportunities.

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