Congratulations, Graduating GWI Masters Students!

Maureen Langlois General

The end of the spring semester saw three GWI student associates graduate from Ohio State:

  • Paree Allu (M.S., Mechanical Engineering), currently working as a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Engineer at Flow Science, Inc. in Santa Fe, NM
  • Christian Medeiros (MBA, Marketing), to start work this summer in brand management for Abbott Nutrition in Columbus, OH
  • Nivedita Raghavan (MBA, Strategy and Operations), to start work this summer with Deloitte Consulting LLP in Strategy and Operations as a Senior Consultant at Chicago, IL

All three students helped GWI hone core aspects of its sustainable systems model for rural development in Tanzania, from engineering design for water/energy systems to a franchising model for maintaining the systems.

And working as interns with GWI may have given benefit the other way around: “I realized how things like access to clean water and sanitation that so many of us take for granted are luxuries for millions of people around the world,” said Paree. “Countries like Tanzania and India (my home country) face numerous issues with sustainable water usage and development and are severely hit by droughts, making water sustainability all the more important. Simply pouring money into this matter wouldn’t help without having a system in place to ensure long-term accountability.”

Congratulations and thanks to Paree, Nivea and Christian for their bright ideas and hard work on behalf of GWI. We wish them the best of luck and look forward to keeping in touch!