Our Team

Marty Kress
Executive Director

Maureen Langlois
Director of Communications

Rebecca Gianotti
Senior Research Associate

Amanda Davey
Program Manager

Jeff Melaragno
Lead Systems Engineer

Faculty Advisory Committee
College of Arts and Sciences
Berry Lyons, Mark Moritz, Audrey Sawyer

College of Business
Michael Camp

College of Engineering
Steve Ringel, Linda Weavers

College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Sathya Gopalakrishnan, Elena Irwin, Scott Shearer

College of Medicine
Diane Gorgas

College of Public Health
Michael Bisesi, Jiyoung Lee

College of Veterinary Medicine
Wondwossen Gebreyes

Office of Energy and the Environment
Kate Bartter

Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory
Chris Winslow


At Ohio State, we report to the Office of Research and the Office of the Provost with strong support from the Colleges of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Engineering; Arts and Sciences; Public Health; Medicine; Business and Veterinary Medicine.

Senior Vice President for Research
Caroline Whitacre

Bruce McPheron